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Life Group Vision

Life Groups Are The Heartbeat Of Our Church The earliest Christians met together in homes, sharing meals and possessions, loving God and each other, and always welcoming newcomers (Acts 2:42-47). At Northlake Church we embrace this as our model for Christian community. To follow it, we build and support small group meetings in homes throughout Longview, Kelso and the surrounding area. These small groups are called Life Groups, and they are what we consider to be the heart of our church.

Life Groups are a great way to connect with God and with other people at Antioch Brighton. In each Life Group meeting there are times for prayer, worship and Bible study as well as times for fellowship and building friendships. Our Life Groups are open to all, and visitors are always welcome. Take a look at our current Life Groups below. There sure is one you can connect with!

Christian & The Blacks Thursday 6:30 PM

Troupes Wednesday 6:30 PM

Claunches Sunday 6:30 PM

Hayes, Chenoweth's, Mills Thursday 6:30 PM

Connie Thursday 10:00 AM

McCready's Thursday 6:30 PM

Schmutz Sunday 4:30 PM

Brogans Thursday 7:00 PM

Joe Gerrick Monday 6:30 PM

Frank and Steve Thursday 6:00 PM

Woods and Laulainens Wednesday 6:30 PM

Brad and Tina Fisher Sunday 6:00 PM

We’d love to help you find a lifegroup to connect with at Northlake Church. Fill out the form to get connected!

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